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Tournament Details

Tournament Guidance

  1. Any matter arising, which is not covered by these rules, will be dealt with by the Organising Committee. In cases of dispute, the decision of the tournament Committee will be final. 

  2. In the event of the tournament, or any part of it, being cancelled money will be refunded equally among all teams affected after any tournament costs have been met.

  3. Inappropriate behaviour by anyone at the tournament may result in being expelled from the tournament and reported through the appropriate channels.

  4. The organisers will not be deemed responsible for any injury to any person howsoever caused throughout the tournament.

  5. Please do not bring pets/animals on to the site – you will be asked to remove them.

  6. Supporters/parents MUST NOT encroach onto the pitches. They are to remain  around the pitch.

  7. Only Managers and players are permitted to enter the pitch area. Teams that are not currently participating are to remain in the designated area.

All Age Groups

  1. All players, spectators and coaching staff are expected to abide by the Respect guidance as issued by the FA and County FAs.

  2. Please respect the referees’ and officials’ decisions at all times.

  3. Managers and coaches may not enter the playing field during matches unless invited by the referee. Substitutes should remain at least 1m from the touchline during play.

  4. The balls used will be appropriate to the age group as per FA rules.

  5. In the event of colours being the same or similar the second named team in the fixture will be requested to change or wear bibs.

  6. The tournament is competitive and will be played in groups through to a semi-final and final.

  7. No player may play in more than one age group on the same day. Players are to be within their named age group as at 1 Sep 2023.

  8. All players must be registered on the player list presented to the control desk prior to kick off. Any team fielding an ineligible player will be disqualified from the tournament.

  9. Substitutions may take place at any time during matches. Players may return to the field of play after being substituted.

  10. If a team fails to appear, an automatic 3-0 win will be awarded to the opposition team.

  11. The number of leagues, and qualification rules i.e. number of qualifying teams for the knock out stages will be formalised before the tournament once entry numbers are confirmed.

  12. Group qualifiers will be decided by:

(a) Highest points won - 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw.(b) Goal difference if teams are level on points.(c) If (b) is identical goals scored.(d) If (c) is identical result of the group match between the teams.(e) If (b), (c) and (d) are identical, goals conceded.(f) If still level on the above 2 minutes each way golden goal. If drawn penalties will take place, 3 for each team followed by sudden death.

  1. If scores are level in knock out matches, the winner will be decided by 2 minutes each way golden goal. If still level then penalties as in 19 (g).

  2. Corners & free kicks – defending players must be 5 paces from the kicker.




  1. If a player is sent off in any match no substitute will be allowed during the rest of the game for that player. That player will also be banned for the rest of the tournament. If a player is booked in two different games they will be banned from the next game. A third booking and the player will be banned for the rest of the tournament. Any misconduct of a serious nature, including, but not restricted to, assault or being sent off for violent conduct, will be reported to the Wiltshire County FA for the appropriate action.



U7 & U8 Age Groups

  1. Each team is to consist of 5 players, plus up to 4 substitutes. Teams may have U7 and U8 players in U8 teams. However, U7 teams are strictly for U7 players only. U7 and U8 will either play 6-a-side or 5-a-side depending on the discussion at the manager's briefing.

  2. Each player must play no more than XX mins during the tournament.

  3. Normal mini soccer rules will apply. This includes the retreat rule. Goalkeepers can pick the ball up from a back pass or throw-in.

  4. Each game will be X mins straight, no half time. This will be confirmed at the managers briefing.

  5. All players must be under their respective age limits as at 1st September 2023 and U7s must have attained the age of 6 as at midnight on the 31st August 2022 or have turned 6 in the playing season 

  6. Medals will be awarded to all participating players and trophies to the winning team and the runners up.



U9 - U14 Age Groups

  1. Each team is to consist of 6 players, plus up to 3 substitutes.

  2. Goal kicks must be taken from the goal line. Goalkeepers cannot pick the ball up from a back pass or throw-in.

  3. Each game to be X minutes straight, no half time.

  4. In ‘open play’ the goalkeeper must return the ball into play with a throw. They may roll the ball to themselves and kick the ball into play but not kick from the hands.

  5. Normal rules of football will otherwise apply but with no offside.


Which season are the age groups for?

Teams will be entered for the age groups of the current 23/24 season.

What is the tournament format?

Describe the item and include any relevant details. Click to edit the text.

What time do we need to register?

All teams should be onsite and registered by their managers by 9:00am for the morning session and 2:00pm for the afternoon session

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